March 23, 2023

Since mid-2021 Facebook users are getting an error message that says, “For your account security, logging in to Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled. To continue, download and log in to the Facebook app on your device and try again”. There are a few ways to resolve the issue, which are discussed in this article.

How to fix the ‘logging into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled’ error?

1. Enable ‘Links open externally’ on Facebook

To resolve the issue of ‘Logging into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled’, visit the Facebook account settings page to enable the ‘Links open externally’ option.

This ensures that whenever you try to open Facebook through a game or an app that uses an embedded browser, the error message would not pop up. Instead, you will be taken to an external browser.

Thus, if that app or game is trying to steal your information using the embedded browser, it would not be successful. The app would be opened through the default browser. Find out how it is done:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Tap on the menu
  • Click on Settings & Privacy option
  • Choose Settings

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