March 30, 2023

When Clash of Kings was released in 2014 for Android and iOS, it quickly became one of the most popular real-time strategy games. The game’s plot revolves around the addicting goal of expanding one’s empire, along with simultaneously defending it from nearby foes.

Unfortunately, this exciting game was banned in India. But we have brought together the best games similar to clash of kings.

Game of Thrones, the popular HBO series, is the inspiration for this game. Clash of Kings features kingdoms, wars, empires, armies, weapons, strategy, and politics. The following alternatives give the same feel.

Best Clash of Kings substitute games

1. Castle Clash: Guild Royale 

Castle Clash has everything you want in a multiplayer strategic building game. From dungeons, raids, and fortress building to enemy war planning. In this game, you must guide your mighty warriors towards a shared aim to destroy your adversaries.

Notable characteristics 

  • Impressive graphic effects to enhance gaming.
  • Complete control over the appearance of your heroes.
  • You can complete a challenge with the help of your mates.
  • The game supports various languages like; English, French, German, and Spanish.
  • Available on Android and iOS.

2. Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is one of the fair games, similar to Clash of Kings. It is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play. This massively multiplayer online strategy game lets you take control of a virtual army and lead it in the battle against your opponents.

Notable characteristics 

  • Amazing visuals 3D to provide a more realistic effect.
  • Multiplayer battles with real-time battle control.
  • Involve yourself in activities such as contests and challenges.
  • Chat with your pals in real-time.
  • Available on Android and iOS.

3. Plants VS Zombies 2 

Plants VS Zombies 2 has over 200 million downloads and is a suitable replacement for Clash of Kings. Take a trip into a fantasy realm and build an army of plants to combat the zombies in this multiplayer game online.

Notable characteristics 

  • Choose from 11 diverse worlds to have a unique gameplay experience.
  • Build a zombie-killing plan while competing against other players.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your defences by acquiring new skills.
  • Available on Android and iOS

4. Vikings: Wars of Clans 

Do battle with other players online, participate in campaigns, and more in various modes. Stunning visuals and engaging gameplay keep you glued to Vikings: Wars of Clans, an epic action-packed video game.

Notable characteristics 

  • Challenge yourself to new heights and reap the benefits.
  • Conquer the conflict like an emperor, a hero, with a well-thought-out plan.
  • Build alliances of devoted companions to help you conquer foes.
  • Customizable weapons.
  • Multilingual game.
  • 5. King’s Empire

    For those looking for games similar to Clash of Kings, King’s Empire is the place to go. When playing King’s Empire, you have complete command over your kingdom’s army. You may use various weapons to defend and hold out against the forces of evil. The game is available on Android and iPhone.

Notable characteristics 

  • It is a strategy game that is entirely free to play.
  • Get creative and dress your army to seem like a formidable force.
  • Real-time auctions let you swap resources.

5. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 

Start Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a legendary online role-playing game developed and maintained by Electronic Arts (EA). The game allows players to become the ruler of their galaxy. You can form or assemble a team and take command of a combat unit to take on various tasks.

Notable takeaways 

  • Make a strong team out of characters from Star Wars.
  • Build an unbeatable team by playing with champions and selecting members based on their abilities.
  • Organize your team around a master plan for dominating new areas while leading them like a boss.
  • Become a part of a variety of exciting competitions and arenas.

These games, similar to Clash of Kings, replicate this game. Additionally, these games have much more to offer. One could consider downloading the following games if exploring different games

  • Game of War
  • Regnum Online
  • Zion Wars


One needs not worry if you are from India and want to play Clash of Clans. Each one of the mentioned games is jam-packed with action. These games, similar to Clash of Kings, include a wide variety of challenging content that will keep you glued to your mobile device.

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